New Policy Enforced for Nashville Farmers’ Market


The Nashville Farmers’ Market should have a productive season this year thanks in part to the opening of the Nashville Sounds’ new ballpark. However, you wouldn’t have been able to tell from opening weekend (April 11-12), which was lack-luster at best. This year, there are also new rules in place for farmers’ market vendors. All vendors must now sell goods produced on their own property or on a property where they hold a lease. Moreover, vendors are no longer allowed to purchase goods (specifically produce) from grocery stores or other markets for resale. To comply with the new... Read More

Tennessee Non-economic Damage Caps Ruled Unconstitutional


In the past decade, limits placed on the dollar amount plaintiffs can seek for non-economic damages have become the norm, though controversial. Damage caps factor heavily in tort reform by attempting to reduce excessive pay outs by the defendants for emotional damages like pain and suffering, disfigurement or loss of enjoyment of life. That said, these caps can also set an unfair boundary on a victim’s (or the family of a victim’s) right to compensation in the event of a personal injury accident. Damage Caps in Tennessee Last month, during a case involving AT&T, Tennessee courts... Read More

Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Loss of Alabama’s Former Athletic Director, Mal Moore


Anytime a family loses a loved one, it is always a tragedy no matter the situation.  But when a fatality occurs due to preventable negligence, the family experiences an even deeper level of grief and anxiety over a loss that could have been avoided.  This feeling is no doubt exactly what the family of Mal Moore, a former University of Alabama athletic director, has experienced. Mal Moore’s daughter recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the death of her father. The suit claims that two pharmaceutical companies known as Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (owned by Pfizer) and Par Pharmaceuticals... Read More

Memphis High School Wins 2015 Tennessee Science Bowl


Residents of Memphis have one more reason to be proud. The exceptionally gifted science students of Lausanne Collegiate School, a local college preparatory academy, won this year’s Tennessee Science Bowl which took place in February. This victory for the high school students comes after many hours spent studying up on mathematics and various sciences—not to mention beating out 53 other state high schools. The scientific disciplines highlighted in the competition included: chemistry, earth sciences, energy, physics, space sciences and biology. The science bowl took place at Blount... Read More

5 Frequent Causes for Medical Device Failure


Medical devices don’t fail every day, but when they do it can be an incredibly dangerous and possibly tragic situation.  If you are in need of receiving a medical device, doing appropriate research and asking doctors very specific questions is highly recommended. According to Qmed (Qualified Suppliers to the Medical Device Industry), the top 5 reasons why a medical device may fail are: Contamination. Foreign objects and certain chemicals can enter into a sealed medical device and create major complications if not caught and corrected. Poor product design and manufacturing. Problems... Read More

Tennessee Lawmakers Cracking Down on Uninsured Drivers After Memphis Man Dies


In an effort to combat the number of deadly incidents involving uninsured drivers in Tennessee, State Representative William Lamberth and Senator Bill Ketron have introduced two bills that would increase the misdemeanor fine from $100 to $300 for those who violate the state’s proof of insurance law. Drivers who fail to have proof of insurance will also be required to pay reinstatement fees once they’ve gotten their insurance. In addition to the increase in fines and having to pay for reinstatement, the bills would also set up a system that tracks and checks vehicles at random to make... Read More