Attorney Sid Gilreath Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award

Sid Gilreath being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the TAJ conference

We’d like to extend a big congratulations to our firm’s founding partner, Sid Gilreath! The Tennessee Association for Justice recently awarded Sid Gilreath the Lifetime Achievement Award for his remarkable contributions and achievements throughout his legal career. Sid Gilreath is the founding partner of Gilreath & Associates and has helped thousands of clients receive compensation for personal injury, products liability and medical malpractice. Sid Gilreath is a native Tennessean, received his Bachelor’s degree from Maryville College in 1958, and received his law degree from... Read More

Tennessee Teen Killed in Logging Truck Accident

logging truck

Following a deadly trucking accident on May 20, 2015, Tennessee officials must now decide whether the truck driver responsible for killing a teen driver should be charged. According to law, the Tennessee Highway Patrol regulates and enforces such rules. Twenty year old Cody Judd was hauling a load of logs through the town of Cleveland in Bradley Country, Tennessee for Whitener Pulpwood and Logging—although they report he was not an employee—when he struck and killed 17-year-old Ashlyn Lamberth. Judd was not in possession of a class B license, which is required to operate a log... Read More

7 Summer Boating Safety Tips

rescue boat

Boating is one of America’s favorite pastimes, especially during the summer.  The fourth of July is fast approaching and ranks as one of the most popular boating holidays as people yearn to spend time with friends and family on the lake.  Unfortunately, each year there are numerous injuries and deaths caused by reckless and unsafe boating. The U.S Coast Guard recently released the 2014 recreational boating statistic report which indicated there were 610 boating fatalities and 2,678 reported injuries during that year.  Of the deaths where the cause was known, 78% of the victims... Read More

$23 Million Awarded to Minnesota Family in Defective Drug Trial

close up o a man´s hand opening pill bottle

A jury in St. Louis, Missouri recently finalized a unanimous verdict in favor of Maddison Schmidt, a 12-year-old Minnesotan girl who suffers from several birth defects including spina bifida.  Schmidt’s mother took the anti-seizure drug Depakote while she was pregnant to help control her epilepsy, which doctors say resulted in Maddison’s medical issues. The pharmaceutical liability lawyers in the case believe that the drug was defectively designed and inadequately tested. It was also determined that the drug manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, downplayed the risks of known defects... Read More

Knoxville Becoming One of Tennessee’s Fastest Growing Cities

Knoxville Courthouse

According to the U.S. census, Knoxville is currently growing faster than Chattanooga, but it still falls behind Nashville and Memphis, which are battling for the largest city in Tennessee. Since 2010, Knoxville saw a 3.09 percent growth; whereas Chattanooga saw a 2.93 percent increase. With a population of 184,281, Knoxville’s growth has landed it at the 129th largest city in the United States. Chattanooga now ranks at number 141. Memphis and Nashville come in at number 23 and 25 respectively. Currently, Nashville stands at the fastest growing of Tennessee’s four major cities, with a... Read More

College Student Dies, Diabetic Testing Supplies Recalled


In a lawsuit filed by grieving Tennessee parents Ken and Leyanne Harper, their 23-year-old daughter Abbie died just days after the diabetic test strips she relied on were recalled. The test strips were produced by Abbott Laboratories and several other manufacturers. Abbie used FreeStyle test strips and a FreeStyle blood glucose meter as a part of her embedded Omnipod insulin pump. Abbie’s parents claim that her meter and strips were returning incorrect glucose results that were lower than what they actually were. These low results led the diabetic college student to take in incorrect... Read More