University of Minnesota Study Discovers Delay in Reports of Adverse Reactions to FDA


A new study from the University of Minnesota uncovered information showing that drug makers have been neglecting their duties when it comes to reporting about adverse reactions to their products. The numbers suggest that drug makers fail to report truthfully in around 10 percent of cases—some of which have resulted in wrongful death. Pinar Karaca-Mandic (and co-authors) compiled adverse reaction reports that were submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2004-2014. During this time, 1.6 million adverse reaction reports were submitted to the FDA. Of these, 160,383 missed... Read More

Tennessee Supreme Court Orders New Damages Trial in Railroad Wrongful Death Case


After five long years in the appeals process, the Tennessee Supreme Court recently ordered a new damages trial against CSX Railroad in the wrongful death of 41-year employee Winston Payne. Payne diagnosed and eventually killed by lung cancer after being exposed to toxic chemicals for his virtually entire career at one of the nation’s largest transportation suppliers. The new trial is solely on the basis of monetary damages; therefore CSX will not be able to argue any liability issues. In 2010, the original jury awarded $8.6 million dollars to Mr. Payne’s widow, Anne. However, Judge... Read More

FDA Hearing Weighs in on Essure Birth Control Implant Device

hospital hall

The FDA recently announced that they will be updating the list of complications associated with the birth control implant Essure, as well as holding a hearing on September 24th to evaluate the defective product further. This update comes after more than five thousand complaints poured in due to long-term adverse side effects associated with the device, including: “ectopic pregnancies, unintended pregnancies resulting in severe complications and miscarriages, pelvic complications, pain, migration of the metal inserts through the fallopian tubes into the abdomen, puncture of the uterus,... Read More

Tips on What to Do Following a Hit and Run Accident


If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, then you already realize how stressful such a situation can be.  The Department of Motor Vehicles describes a hit and run accident as “any accident in which a driver intentionally leaves the scene without providing contact information.” Some examples of a hit and run accident are when your unattended parked car is hit and the person leaves no contact information. Or perhaps you as a pedestrian are hit and the individual drives away from the scene without offering any help or calling an ambulance. A hit and run can also be when your... Read More

Wrongful Deaths Contributed to Tennessee Guardrails Leads to Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit by State Government


In recent months, the guardrails on Tennessee highways have become the focus of a 663 million dollar lawsuit. Whistle-blower Joshua Harman has demanded that the ET-Plus guardrails, which have been modified for safety, be recalled immediately. According to Harman (a former guardrail engineer), Trinity Industries, Inc. did not communicate with federal and state officials that changes to their guardrail design had led to fatalities across the country. Tests show that even though the modified guardrail design are supposed to slow down vehicles, they are breaking into pieces, which has led to... Read More

Attorney Sid Gilreath Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award

Sid Gilreath being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the TAJ conference

We’d like to extend a big congratulations to our firm’s founding partner, Sid Gilreath! The Tennessee Association for Justice recently awarded Sid Gilreath the Lifetime Achievement Award for his remarkable contributions and achievements throughout his legal career. Sid Gilreath is the founding partner of Gilreath & Associates and has helped thousands of clients receive compensation for personal injury, products liability and medical malpractice. Sid Gilreath is a native Tennessean, received his Bachelor’s degree from Maryville College in 1958, and received his law degree from... Read More